40 टन फ्लैटबेड सेमी ट्रेलर बिक्री के लिए तंजानिया को निर्यात किया जाएगा


40 Ton Flatbed Semi Trailer will be export to Tanzania for sale

Mr.Gedion,Who Customers from Tanzania choose to buy our flatbed semi trailer again.This order,He purchase five flatbed trailers with ZW Manufacturers and think our products are of best quality and durable. Therefore, this time the customer ordered a 40 ft flatbed semi trailer.


After the Sales Manager negotiates the customer's needs with the technician,determine semi trailer drawings, spraying and other production details.Our workers have completed the production of five semi-trailers,Engineers finish the final factory inspection,To finish the packaging,It will be shipped to port for delivery to Tanzania.

 semi trailer for sale

If you want to learn more about flatbed semi trailer,like 2 axle, 3 axle,फ्लैटबेड सेमी ट्रेलर, या आर एंड डी, प्रक्रिया, पैकेजिंग, ग्राहक प्रतिक्रिया, आदि। कृपया नीचे दिए गए फॉर्म में अपनी संपर्क जानकारी भरें, हम आपसे जल्द से जल्द संपर्क करेंगे

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